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BIG BANG – PC Workstation power supply!

Monday, September 5th, 2011

And on occasion, I have to deal with the physical world of computing, when the power supply in PC Workstation No.2 decided to go bang, and then tripped the circuit breaker for the sockets in the house! (the computer was not even powered up, but it has a smart power supply, Wake on LAN, low power etc so although plugged into AC, it’s “on”.)

I’ve been disassembling the PC Workstation No.2, little service vacuum out the dust from heatsinks, fans, hard drives, and replacing the PSU with a new working supply from the spares cupboard.

Checking the broken power supply to check which side of the power supply decided to go bang, (AC or DC) fuse had not blown inside the power supply, but here are the photographs from the broken power supply. I think you’ll see the fault immediately.

Capacitor cap blown-out

Capacitor cap blown-out

But this has some good news, because I managed to salvage a 3300uF 16v Capacitor from this broken power supply to repair the power supply in my Humax FoxSAT-HD STB! (but that’s another blog!)

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