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Platinum Angelfish Second Spawning

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

While I was in the fish house this evening, fussing over the Sturisoma Aureum taking photographs, I noticed the Platinum Angelfish madly chasing the Ancistrus catfish, which I have since removed, remember what happened last time! I quickly grabbed my camera (I’ve changed from the Sony Mavica 2 Megapixel to my Leica Digilux camera, yes I still cannot take pictures in focus, so don’t let the man in the shop tell you that a more expensive camera is better, it’s the person behind the lens!)

here are some pictures:-

Platinum Angelfish Spawn
Platinum Angelfish Spawning, Female is at the top of the sponge filter uplift.

Platinum Male Angelfish Pic 1
Male Platinum Angelfish getting very agreesive with me, female in the background.

Platinum Male Angelfish Pic 2
Male Platinum Angelfish, sparing at the glass!

Sorry for peeps, that don’t have broadband, this site isn’t dial-up friendly! Does any one do dial-up anymore? If you dont got to your local library and take the url with you!

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Silver Pair of Angelfish spawn

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Another young pair of silver angelfish have spawned.

The eggs that the Platinum angelfish laid have disappeared, a slight over-sight and I forgot to remove the Ancistrus catfish , I think the Ancistrus catfish, may have had a meal in the night!

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Replacement plants

Monday, October 17th, 2005

Unfortunately, my local East Riding supplier of Frozen Ruto Bloodworm has ceased trading, so I’m looking for another supplier. If you know of one, please contact me at

Air pressure appears to have dropped on the ring main tonight, need to check airstones and connections for air leaks.

Fish House Minimum Air Temperature is a constant 20 degrees C.

I’ve replaced the rubber washers on the Eheim 2030 with plastic half-inch washers, used PTFE tape on all threads, and tightened with a new 30mm socket torque wrench. I’ve filled it up over-night, I’ll check for water leaks tomorrow.

I think I need to feed my Ancistrus, that share a tank with a Purple spotted gudgeon Hikari Algae wafers, rather than the Sera brand Catfish chips, the Gudgeon eat whole wafers, can fish choke on fish food? The Purple spotted Gudgeon in the fish house, have grown very fast compared to the fish in my display tank in the house.

Good News: have agreed to replace my Vallis Torta.

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What’s for supper?

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

An aquarist in Germany recommended that I try
Catfish Chips for Ancistrus and Pleco Catfish if I’m finding it difficult in obtaining Hikari
Algae Wafers, he has had great success with this product in Germany. Many high
quality aquarium products come from Germany, Eheim,
Tetra and
are just a few manufacturers,
so I’ll definitely experiment with this product.

Sera retailers in the UK are not common, but I know a place on my doorstep that
stocks Sera products. Petland, York is a
Sera retailer.

I purchased some Sera Catfish Chips for Ancistrus and Pleco Catfish, the
ingredients are very interesting because the usual marine algae and spirulina
are present, but willow wood and bark and alder wood are also ingredients. This
product will certainly help if you have no bogwood present in your aquariums for
the catfish to graze on. Many years ago, when I first saw a "pleco" in aquaria,
it was given willow wood and bark to graze on, this was before the days of any
"Algae Wafers", it was said, that chemicals in the willow made the catfish
sleepy, like an anaesthetic if they ate too much, so it was only fed in small
quantities. This is the first fish food product I’ve seen using "wood" as an

I offer my fish a varied diet to stop them getting hooked on one type of
food, I vary the food each day, here’s a list of the products I use:-

  • Tetra Prima.
  • Tetra Tips Freeze Dried Tablets.
  • Tetra Fresh Delica Daphinia, Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp.
  • Tetra Holiday and Weekend Food Sticks.
  • Tetra Min Flake Food.
  • JMC Catfish Pellets.
  • Barlow’s Aquatics Sinking, Stinking Catfish Pellets.
  • Nutrafin Max Complete Flake Food.
  • Aquarian Tropical Flake Food.
  • Phoenix Tropical Flake.
  • Today’s Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms.
  • ZM 000, 100, 200, 300, 400, Small, Medium and Large Granular Advanced Fish
  • Ruto Frozen foods, Spinach, Tubifex and Bloodworm.
  • Frozen prawns.
  • Courgettes, Cucumber, peas and lettuce.
  • Live Food when available.
  • and Sera Catfish Chips for Ancistrus and Pleco

When I first started "fishkeeping", many years ago, when my Dad won a
goldfish at the Fun Fair, we came home with a glass goldfish bowl, and a
cardboard tube of ant eggs to feed the goldfish.

Tropical Fish Food Technology has greatly improved! If it had not improved, I
don’t think I would have been as successful in breeding and caring for the
tropical fish in the many years I’ve kept them. For many years I was hooked on
Aquarian Tropical Flake, not personally, but variety is the spice of life!

Go on, change your food today!

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Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

….The Witches Cauldron Brew, the
bogwood is still soaking nicely.

I’ve seen the
this evening, it’s still in the tank and feeding. I visited
Petland in my lunchtime today in York, they have an excellent collection of Ls
in stock, I almost parted with an

but needed to catch the bus! Maybe next time! I don’t think they
have a website, but here’s a
by the Ryedale Aquarist Society.

I’ve just noticed that I use the
terms Ls and Lxxx numbers a lot, and some readers may be confused with what I am
referring to. The group of catfish I keep are in the scientific name
Loricariidae, this is pronouced
Lori KARI Iday or more commonly referred to Suckermouth Armoured Catfishes (yes
they do stick to the glass!), they have rows of armour plating covering body,
underslung suckermouth. They all come from South America. Originally when a
suckermouth armoured catfish was discovered, it was given a scientific name (latin),
and a common name, as more were discovered in recent years it became impossible
to readily identify them, and give them common names, so the L numbering system
was invented to uniquely identify each catfish, and hence the L series was born,
there is also an LDA series, the same has also been done for Corydoras
catfishes, Cichlids and Rays.

Endlers’ are doing well, and have another four fry.

Purple Spotted Gudgeon in the fish house are massive compared to the fish in the
display tank. Sexual difference possibly.

Many projects still to complete, fish house needs a tidy for the forthcoming
cold weather, and I’ve got a new temperature project finished, but need to
relocate the computer system in the fish house.

Again, I’m pulling the late shift all week, at the office, so not much time to
organise the fish house.

Had an excellent response from

Pond Supplies UK
, and a replacement end-cap for my Hailea air compressor
has been posted. That’s Excellent Customer Service, I’m still awaiting to hear
from Java-Plants (I think all
the Vallis is now dead!).

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As Rare as Rocking Horse Pooh!

Friday, September 23rd, 2005


I’ve finally managed to obtain some
Hikari Algae Wafers
from a secret source, Hikari
products are like rocking horse pooh at present in the United Kingdom as
previously stated earlier on this
Gibbiceps, Ancistrus and L numbers will be happy. I have purchased two 1kg bags,
hopefully they will last for the foreseeable future until
are allowed back in the United
Kingdom, this is good news, as stocks of my

Tetra Plecomin
are almost depleted. My fish prefer

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Anyone for cucumber?

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

awoke this morning by a loud knocking at the front door, it was the post person
wanting me to sign for a small package. My Five Pack of Screwcumbers had
arrived. Here’s a picture of five new sealed twin packs of Screwcumbers
available from

Gary Evans at Opti-Fish
I’m sorry to flog these to death, but they are
a fantastic invention and worth every penny. Every Ancistrus, Pleco, Gibbiceps,
L number lover should have one. With NO Hikari imports expected into the UK for
many months until the situation is resolved with the EU, NO algae wafers these
are a lifesavers in feeding cucumbers and courgettes to my L Numbers, Gibbiceps,
and Ancistrus sp.

The yellow tug beneath the screwcumbers is filled with aquarium water soaking
the filter media I "found" the previous week..

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An order placed more for Screwcumbers.

Friday, September 16th, 2005

I’ve ordered an additional five Twin Packs of Screwcumbers.Contact Gary Evans for details. It’s much easier feeding cucumber and courgettes to Ancistrus and other loving veggie catfish using Screwcumbers.

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Sunday visit to the local Garden Centre

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

I’m in need of some garden peat to acidify some of the aquariums in the fish house, but it seems that all gardeners, are bio-plant friendly, and most composts are peat-free and I cannot find a small bag of peat anywhere, so I visited our local Wyevale Garden centre today at York, which also has a recent addition of Maidenhead Aquatics. I could not find a small bag of peat, they only have 60l bags but did have a look around the tropical fish.

I’ve noticed that Maidenhead Aquatics, have switched all the substrate from gravel to sand in all the tanks. I was very surprised at the cost of fish, 15 GBP for three Poecilia Endlers, 5 GBP for one very small Ancistrus Sp. They had 15 small white, possibly platinum Angelfish with red eyes at 5 GBP each, or 2 for 10 GBP. I was very tempted to purchase the tank of 15, but I’ve currently got no where to put them as all quarantine tanks are full.

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Live Algae Magnets

Sunday, September 11th, 2005

I’ve been shuffling fish around the aquariums in the fish house today, I’ve moved most of the Zebra Danios back to my large holding tank of stock angels. I use zebra danios to cycle and mature the aquariums in the fish house, the only problem is, they are very difficult to catch, once their job is done, they usually share the tank with their permanent inhabitants, because I cannot catch them all. I’ve still got two to catch in a few tanks.

I’ve also moved a few ancistrus into tanks, that had bad algae, I forgot to take a pictures for a before and after shot, I’ve got one tank left with bad algae, I’ll make sure I included a picture here. They are great for eating algae, great little live algae magents, it saves me cleaning the tanks and purchasing Algae wafers.

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