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April 29th

Eheim 2250 Big Canister Filter Review

I liked this review so much, I thought I would link to it. Eheim 2250 Review by Allister St. Claire I couldn't agree more with the review.

Mother of a filter!

I've spent the last few hours uninstalling an Eheim 2313 and 2315 from my 6ftx2ftx2ft tank (sounds like a computer software program!), cleaning all the filter media in the old tank water from the...

Collectors Item yet?

April 5th

Aqualog Books

If you collect or keep Tropical Fish there's an excellent range of books by the publishers Aqualog reference fish of the world . I've purchased a few of the years all Corydoras...

Holiday: Mexico & Cuba

I've been on holiday to Mexico and Cuba in February/March 2006, hence the lack of posts. I'll add an entry at a later date on my fish encounters.

Pair of Sturisoma Aureum RIP

The electronic thermotstat failed sometime after 7.00am today and I found the aquarium temperature at 35 degrees C, the breeding pair of Sturisoma Aureum were dead, and 50 percent of the young...