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Andy’s Bumblebee Hive – Beepol Villa

Bumble Bee Hive - Beepol Villa

Bumble Bee Hive - Beepol Villa

This is my Bumblebee Hive – Beepol Villa, Lindsey purchased this for my birthday last year. It’s low maintenance and requires less management (or no management) compared to Honey Bees, it does not provide any honey, but the are excellent pollinators.

The hive is currently empty, and I’m waiting for the delivery of the bumble bees in May! The bumble bees are – Bombus terrestris audax, or the Buff-Tailed Bumblebee.

This could be my closet to keeping bees this year until my health improves. At present I find it difficult carrying bee hives around, so my strength needs to improve. (that’s unless a swarm of honey bees arrive, and then they need managing!)

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