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Purchasing items from eBay using the Global Shipping Program Part 2

So this blog is the final conclusion and update to Purchasing items from eBay using the Global Shipping Program Part 1.

I’ve read lots of negative comments about ’s Global Shipping Program, calling it a scam, con, don’t use it, ask sellers not to use it, the problem, in life, is people often tell 10 people or more if something goes wrong or something bad happens, BUT people do not often share good, positive results. But here is my Parcel! It works read on!

eBay originally stated the item would be delivered between Friday 6. May. 2016 – Saturday, 14. May. 2016, see here

Here are the final tracking details

The item was finally delivered on Friday 6th May 2016, by YODEL. eBay had originally advised it would be delivered on this date.

I cannot complain about the , I was able to track the items fully from the US, it was delivered on-time, as advised on eBay, and considering the number of logistics companies involved (I count 8!) I’m very impressed at the accuracy in the expected delivery. I paid no VAT, Import Duty, Administration fees, and this worked out cheaper for me, than using a Seller that does not use the GSP, when Royal Mail or Parcel Force, charge you the additional administration fee on top of the VAT.

Compared to sending items in the UK with a single logistics company, e.g. Royal Mail, Parcelforce, Hermes, DPD, YODEL, where there is no guarantee of delivery, and items go missing within the UK.

My parcel has travelled 5,000 miles from the US to Yorkshire, gone through 8 logistics companies, and I think that’s impressive!

Well done eBay!

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