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Andy’s quest for the perfect cup of coffee! Part 2: Are you a Coffee snob?

A few years ago, after discussing good with “Angus” at the local Shop, he described Lindsey & I, as “ snobs”, and this was the reason he open a local Shop, to roast, and produce for local “ snobs” on a daily basis, Angus also declared himself as a “ snob”, and opened to shop because there was no other shop locally, which did the same. Sadly Angus sold on the business, because his return on investment was too low.

Today my order of coffee beans has arrived from

A large and well packed box of coffee beans, delivered by FedEx.

I’ve ordered Has Bean Exclusive: Guachipelin Natural, this is what is in the box of coffee

And Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Washed Kurume

I’ll get the grinder ready, and warm up the Chemex!

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