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Dead SATA Hard Disk Drives – this one definitely has crashed heads!

This is what they look like inside, if you’ve ever wondered!

I’ve had a stack of many SCSI, , , disks on the shelves for many years, ranging in sizes from 40MB, 9GB, 36GB, 72GB, 146GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, time to test them all. Out of 50 SATA drives, 6 had failed just because they had been sitting on the shelf doing nothing.

I’ll strip them down, and use the spinning platters, as bird scarcers for my , to keep the pigeons at bay! It takes me 30 seconds to strip them down and remote the platters, and then I’ll shuffle the platters, and string them on my , that’s stops my data being recovered!

This SATA hard drive, the heads have crashed into the platters, and started to score them, see here

This is what a hard drive should look like

Here’s a single platter

A stack of platters for my allotment

here’s a short video of the inside of a hard drive, with the cover removed, with crashed heads.

here’s a short video of the inside of a broken hard drive, with the cover removed.

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