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Andy’s “Career” @ExpertsExchange

One the day, that enters a new era, with a re-brand and overhaul, and a change of logo! I thought it was fitting for a bit of self promotion and Giga-EGO Boost!

It’s also fitting, that in the last two days, I’ve now entered the Top 10 Overall Experts at Experts Exchange in the Hall of Frame,

I’ve been at the Number 11 spot, for many months, and finally jumped two positions to Number 9.

Experts Exchange Hall of Frame

Experts Exchange Hall of Frame

The Hall of Fame, is a little false, because in the top 10, there are only two really active Experts, myself and Ray Paseur, so that makes Ray No.1 and me No.2, so I’m happy with that!

Also, I didn’t blog about it at the time, but last year, I won the following awards

In November I was nominated an MVE in the Gamma Class

The Tenth Annual Expert Awards

The Tenth Annual Expert Awards

Yes, I’m Expert of the Year 2013 – Again for the Third Year in a row!

2013 Expert of the Year
2013 Juggernaut
2013 The Ally
2013 The Scribe
2013 Author of the Year

The 10th Annual Expert Awards of 2013

I missed out on the Titan by 0.02%

Andrew Hancock VMware 52.90
Andrew Hancock Virtualization 43.19

I’ve now had 47 Articles Published at Experts Exchange

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