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Andy’s Mobile Phone Collection and History (1992 – Almost Present!)


This has been a blog, I’ve been working on for the last month, that has been marked as Draft, and I could not publish until now, because Lindsey also reads my blog, and this topic conceals a little secret!

These are most of the mobile I’ve owned and used. It’s a very modest collection of mobile compared to some mobile phone owners, that change every few months or years. – well I think so! (for a gadget minded, nerdy, IT Consultant!)

I first owned a 101, followed by a NEC P4, in 1992, (not displayed, they must be in a box somewhere), and then in 1994, purchased a Nokia 232 (far left in picture) from People’s Phone on the High Street. These were all GSM Analog phones.

In 1998, I upgraded to my first Digital phone which was a Nokia 5110, on Vodafone (not displayed, in another box!), later in 1999, I switched to and purchased a Nokia 7110e (almost the Matrix phone!), one of the first WAP (Internet phones) using GPRS. Used Windows CE based Smartphones on O2 in 2004, with the XDA IIs and Windows Mobile 5 and 6 on the XDA Mini S, these were slow, small screens, had memory leaks, required daily reboots, and so I carried on using my faithful Nokia 7110e, in 2004, the students at a local school, use to mock me about the “brick of a phone I had”. In 2006, I needed a tri-band phone for holiday in Mexico/Cuba, so purchased a Nokia 6230i. I also acquired and tested a 3G phone, on Three’s Network, a U8120, and emergency phones I keep in the car the VX1.

So my current daily mobile phone is still a Nokia 6230i. (phone on the far right of picture)….until now…See Part II tomorrow.

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