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Microsoft Windows XP Professional 3 – too many wizards

I was having a discussion with my Nephew, which mentioned Professional 3, I think he was referring to Microsoft Professional Service Pack 3, which turned into a conversation about Microsoft Patches and Updates for Microsoft Professional. Since Service Pack 3 to date (20 February 2012), there have been 116 High Priority security updates and patches. (if you include all the Internet Explorer updates and patches).



My personal favourite Microsoft Windows OS is Windows 2000 Professional, I’ve only just got used to , too many wizards, and I’m not referring to Harry Potter!

Security Patches and Updates will continue for  Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service  Pack 3 (SP3) until  April 8, 2014.

See here

support-for-windows-xpSo, there’s no need to rush for that Windows 7 computer just yet……

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