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Frozen @EclipseInternet Broadband!

Everything else freezes around here, so why not my “wires”

It sounds like food you have with chips and peas!

Again, I’m having broadband issues, for the last four days, during the twilight hours, under clear Yorkshire Wolds skies, the temperature has been falling to -7 degrees C, and I have a theory this causes a fault on the line! It just seems very coincidental, if we get a cold spell or very hot spell my Broadband has issues. Recently spoke to , that states that four other users on the Exchange also had issues this week, at the same time, so it was suggested it was BT, playing with their Exchange!

I’ll think I’ll be opening that call again Eclipse Internet!

Here are some lovely test results Broadband Speed Test Results Broadband Speed Test Results

Thinkbroad Broadband Speed Test Results

Thinkbroad Broadband Speed Test Results

Router Connection Statistics

Router Connection Statistics

Whilst the rest of the world, surfs the Net, at lighting speeds of 8, 20, 40 and 100MBps, I can only dream!

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