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Citroen Xsara Modification - Guiness fuled car!

Do I need to notify the insurance company I’ve got a Guiness fuled car!

In the damp, cold, wet January weather guesss what I’ve been doing today?

The exhaust dropped off the car yesterday, so I’ve been trying to fix the exahust with a

Diet Coke Can - didn’t work,

Heinz Backed Bean Can - didn’t work,

Draught Guiness Can minus the widget fixed it!

Diet Coke Can and Heinz Baked Beans Can

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Diet Coke Can and Heinz Baked Beans Can

I later took it to a garage to get a price to replace the exhaust, and they spotted they following:-

  • two front tyres are illegal (caused by tracking!), and need replacing.
  • two front brake disks on the front are badly corroded and need replacing.
  • and I just need a centre pipe for the exhaust!

So I just need the cheap centre pipe to the fix the exhaust!

Oh well that’s not too bad!!!

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