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Citroen Xsara Modification – Guiness fuled car!

Do I need to notify the insurance company I’ve got a Guiness fuled !

In the damp, cold, wet January weather guesss what I’ve been doing today?

The exhaust dropped off the car yesterday, so I’ve been trying to fix the exahust with a

Diet Coke Can – didn’t work,

Heinz Backed Bean Can – didn’t work,

Draught Guiness Can minus the widget fixed it!

I later took it to a garage to get a price to replace the exhaust, and they spotted they following:-

  • two front tyres are illegal (caused by tracking!), and need replacing.
  • two front brake disks on the front are badly corroded and need replacing.
  • and I just need a centre pipe for the exhaust!

So I just need the cheap centre pipe to the fix the exhaust!

Oh well that’s not too bad!!!

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