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Arnie my 18″ Arrowana died today.

Arnie my 18″ died today.

I’ve just visited the fish house, and found him mysteriously dead. He was okay this afternoon, possible heart-attack, he did not look like he had been attacked by Ernie the Giant Red Tailed Gourami.

I was given Arnie, in October 2009, he was approx 9″, the previous owner was feeding him cockles and mussels, which is not good for their diet, because of the fat content, and can cause fat behind the eye, causing drop-eye. Arnie had slight drop-eye, in one of his eyes, which I think had got much better. I spent many months,
weaning him off cockles and mussels, onto raw King Prawns and Whitebait, he was a stubborn fish, and I had to feed him occasionally with a chain mail butchers glove! because he would jump out and snatch the food from my fingers, and occasionally would bite my fingers and hand in the aquarium.

I do not get attached to many fish, but I’ll miss Arnie!

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