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Mobile blogging

Trying something different today, I’m having a day of remote working via an and . To check to see what average data usage allowance I use in a day. So far and it’s only been a few hours checking email and a few websites, I’ve Sent 5.8MB and Received 131MB.

I’m also using an iPad blog applet as well to post this, to reduce data usage.

The Suzuki needed a MOT today, yes it’s been almost three years we’ve had it, so I’m buying time in Morrisons’ cafe waiting for the car. My banger is off the road at present because the starter motor or solenoid is broke.

Mr Apple saving you money!

Mr Apple saving you money!

This is an odd message you cannot update large apps via 3G. I hardly think 20MB is a lot!

Mr Apple is obviously helping you save money!

UPDATE:- My Dad had a moan about the grammer, so I’ve corrected it”

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