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Have a little Patience!

Yes, I know it’s from the lyrics’ – Take That’s Patience, but it seems very fitting here …..

I’ve been experimenting with taking photographs of birds for a while, but the problem I’ve always had is how to get close-ups photographs of the subject, without disturbing them whilst they feed on the feeders, I don’t have a bird hide or jacket yet, in the past I’ve used remote control to fire the camera, but the birds were suspicious of the camera when it was too close to the feeders, and they wouldn’t feed. I do have a spotting ‘scope, and with a camera adaptor mounted on a digital SLR, I’ve been experimenting with the camera in manual, and manual focus for many months. I think these are the best shots I’m going to get until I purchase that big Canon Lens!

and before you critique the following photographs, please remember the birds were photographed at 100m, in manual focus, manual exposure, and remotely fired to avoid camera shake on the tripod!

Great Tit on peanuts

on peanuts

Goldfinchs and Sparrows on niger

Goldfinchs and on niger

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