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3..2..1.. and nothing… Umm

Now that the UK has relaxed it’s and Explosives requirements, it’s a little easier to acquire and use rocket motors in the UK, without all the red tape and certificates, and explosives license.

so back to Model Rocketry….

Before I complete the rest of this rocket, I’m testing the motor mounts, before adding fins and painting, it’s very important to ensure that the motor mounts are fixed and glued correctly within the body of the rocket, otherwise the motors when ignited will just seperate from the model rocket body.

Test Number 1. 3..2..1.. and nothing… Umm

Time passes and sometime later that evening….. (it’s getting dark now).

Test Number 2. 3..2..1.. and nothing… Umm

Damn Damn and Fecking Damn!!!

Back to the drawing board, electrical issues maybe……not firing….

Well it’s Rocket Science you know!

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