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Archive for April, 2010

Four Goldfinches on nyjer feeder

Saturday, April 10th, 2010


I’ve managed to capture four Goldfinches on the nyjer feeder. The feeder was moving in the breeze like a pendulum, so a little difficult to manual focus with me gear! Photographed at a distance of 50 feet. Not as crisp a focus, as I would like, I’m waiting for an additional eyepiece which will magnify the viewfinder image, so I can sharpen the focus on the ’scope before remotely firing the shutter. The viewfinder produces a small, dark image and I cannot be sure if it’s in focus.

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No Electricity today!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I’m without electricity today, and again YEDL hide behind notifying you 7 days before the electricity is due to be turned off, and you have to make your own arrangements. I understand this is the minimum requirements an electricity provider must meet.

A few weeks ago, every third house in the hamlet, didn’t have any electricity. I have repeatedly notified YEDL about the state of the transformer supplying the hamlet!


As you can see it’s covered in ivy! That cannot be good!

A few more exciting pictures…

The water in the holes with eletricity cables canot be any good! Water and electricity don’t usually mix! Also a picture of the generator in the generator shed, supply electricity to the fish house.

Wattson 389 Watts

Wattson 389 Watts

Not been this low for a while, with everything in the house, unplugged, just fridge on!

YEDL - Sorry for any Inconvience’ - Umm, me don’t think so!

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WiFi Charger software for PDA, iPhone and Smartphones

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

wifi-charger-softwareI found this new software app on the Internet that converts WiFi signals to electricity to charge your PDA, I understand the iPhone, iTouch applications will be in the AppStore shortly. I’m just having issues with using it with my old 802.11b access points, it doesn’t charge very well, but if I use on my new Belkin ‘N’ series, as you can see in the screenshot, it charges very fast. The only issue is my battery gets very hot, because it says it blast charges it, I think the instructions are not very well laid out, not written in good english. The software vendor WireFree A/S is appearing at Gadget Show 2010 Live next week on stand OZ56.

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