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Christmas Potatoes

Sorry to mention Christmas, but it is only 13 weeks and 2 days away!

As the sunsets, I’ve been planting Christmas Potatoes, a bit late, these should have been planted in August if I want potatoes for Christmas Day, but despite looking for them since July, they came into stock and were sold out in days. I managed to get some, pre-chitted ‘Estima’ and ‘Maris Peer’ tubers, I was notified by a supplier that had left overs, and despite only wanting ten tubers of both, I ended up with 40 tubers for the same money! These will sit in the greenhouse protected from frost, and I’ll dig-up on Christmas Day, I’ve got a little problem with my greenhouse at present, it’s split, but if I cannot fix, I know someone nearby with a polytunnel, that may trade space for some spuds on Christmas Day! (with this recent warm spell, and may make up lost time!)

christmas potatoes maris peer

christmas potatoes maris peer

These are planted in garden recycling sacks, and old compost bags. Something to occupy the empty greenhouse over the autumn and winter.

Since placing an order for my seed potatoes, I’ve seen excess tubers available at garden centres, suitable for planting now, Large pots, compost bags or animal food sacks will do, just make sure you protect from frost, if your lucky you’ll have potatoes for Christmas Day.

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