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Digging in the dirt

Potatoe Farm



I lost my footing this evening and fell over in the , and couldn’t get up! Lindsey had to help me up, so some of the plants are crushed because I fell on them!

I harvested two bags of potatoes this evening, as I needed 500grams of new potatoes for a salad recipe.

First Early Harvest

First Early Harvest

After Lindsey had seen what I had dug she commented “new potato salad off the menu then”!

The smaller micro-potatoes we boiled-up all the same, and they were very tasty. But what I failed to understand, is why the larger potatoes were very green, these were not near the top, so I don’t think light had caused them to go green, as I had earthed up the potatoes, I’m now wondering if I’ve left them in the ground too long, or harvested them too early.

So we didn’t eat the green potatoes, as I’ve read green potatoes can be poisonous!

Oh well, there’s always the second earlies, salad and main crop to try, and then Xmas Potatoes!

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