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Slow Broadband ADSL issue

Since I moved my website, I’ve been experiencing slow issues, at first I thought it was performance with the new website, out of the frying pan and into the fire. But then I noticed that all websites were slow and on checking my speed on Monday, it was syncing at 428,000 (just under half a meg!). I’m not too sure, if the hot weather is affecting the connection, I know that my connection to the exchange is underground for the majority of the way, until it reaches the telegraph pole outside my house, and the “green box” is at the bottom of the hill, and occasionally becomes a drain for the water that runs down the hill. After reporting the problem to my ISP, they reset the line, so I’ve been monitoring the line statistics since. The was over 50db, when the Rx sync was 428,000 bps Tuesday afternoon, all has been well over the last 24 hours, with an average of 15db, and Rx sync of 2140000, but I’m just checking the stats now, and it’s dropped to 9db and Rx sync 1344000 bps. Maybe it’s the cold weather tonight!


ADSL Broadband Router Stats for last 24 hours

ADSL Broadband Router Stats for last 24 hours

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