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Windows 7 Release Candidate

Well here is its, Release Candidate, the final version of  which may be released in August 2009.
Windows 7 x64 edition

7 x64 edition

I’ve just taken some time out to download the 3GB download, and install this 64-bit Release Candidate to have a look.

I’m still a fan of Windows 2000 Professional, although a bit old these days, and have resisted the temptation to move/ to , apart from on my gaming rig because I needed DirectX 10 for the .

Windows 7 x64 Edition Scene Theme

Windows 7 x64 Edition Scene Theme

Quite a few other colourful themes as well.  For oldies like me that like the “classic theme”, the Windows Classic Theme is still present! After 10 minutes of fiddling, here’s my desktop!

Windows 7 x64 Classic Theme

Windows 7 x64 Classic Theme

  Would I upgrade, not at present.  But Nice picture of a Male Siamese Fighter though!

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