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Garden Birds

I also have an interest in , I wouldn’t call myself a twitcher or a birder, maybe somewhere in between! There’s one British bird which I would love to see visit my , it’s the Goldfinch. Nyjer (thistle) seed is the preferred food of goldfinches, and you need a special food dispencer and Nyjer (thistle) seeds of course. I have read that unless Goldfinches visit your already don’t bother! I have seen flocks of goldfinches (6-8 birds) in the area, and last season, I saw one in the (not feeding, just perching for a few minutes). I was going to ask a nearby neighbour who feeds the birds, did they have any goldfinches visit their before I invest in Nyjer (thistle) seeds and feeder.Well yesterday, at the local centre, I took the plunge and purchased Nyjer (thistle) seeds and feeder. Here it is:-

and I’d like to report, that earlier today, I though I saw, two Goldfinches feeding at the end of the garden, but I couldn’t confirm because I didn’t have me bins on me. I just checked about 30 minutes ago, and I spotted FOUR GOLDFINCHES FEEDING ON THE NYJER SEED!

Nyjer (thistle) seed dispencer for Goldfinches.

Nyjer (thistle) seed dispencer for Goldfinches.


Let’s just say, I’m a little excited!! Just goes to prove the books and experts are wrong!!!

Digital SLR on Tripod, 300mm Zoom Lens attached, waiting for them to return, watch this space for photos…..

(if Goldfinches currently visit your garden you are very lucky!)

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