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Pangasius catfish for sale in Tescos!

Juvenile Pangasius Sanitwongsei

Juvenile Pangasius Sanitwongsei

I learnt today, that Tescos, Sainsbury’s and ADSA in the United Kingdom are selling a cheap at the fishmongers counter which are usually available live from the local tropical shop. Very small or very large unwanted specimens of the are usually seen in local tropical fish shops.

Pangasius Catfish

Pangasius Catfish

This has causes some controversy in the aquatics industry, as whether these fish should be sold in the United Kingdom, because most fishkeepers, do not have the facilities to keep these catifsh, that grow very large in captivity. (3 feet)

It’s sold as Pangasius, Vietnamese , White Catfish, , I know it as the Pangasius catfish (which there are a few species) or Paroon/

I’ve seen very large wild specimens in China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnamin in the rivers. I must dig out some video footage, I recorded in Bangkok, in the canals, of these very large fish.

Interesting article here

A nine foot one was described here in PFK in 2005.

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