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Tomatoe seedling update

Since transplanting the seedlings into 3″ pots, they’ve started to romp away and grow very quickly. Here are some updated photos. The only small issue one of my trays has sprung a leak so when watering, water gets on my shoes, underneath in the shoe rack. I’ve applied a little bit of science this year in growing , rather than plant any seeds, I’ve gone for early cordon and bush varities. I’ve only planted half the allocation of seeds I received, the other half can be used next year, but out of this half, only 1/4 germinated, but I still have too many plants for me! So I’l be gving some away! The varities being grown are:-

Bush Varities

  • Red Alert
  • Tumbling Tom Red
  • Gartenpearle

Cordon Varities

  • Black Cherry
  • Money Maker
  • Alicante
  • Tigerilla
  • Golden Sunrise
  • Genovesa Costoluto (Italian seeds)
The porch where they are located was getting a bit cold at night, and also there is a small damp issue, because of a poorly fitted damp course, so I’ve installed a Glen tubular electric heater on a timer, thermostatically controller, so if the temperature falls below 20 degrees C, between the hours of 12.30 – 7.30 GMT, the 200 watt heater comes on. (I’m on Economy 7, so 200 watts of electric is neglible, when your average is 3 kwatts a day!).

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