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Halloween Update

Spent a few minutes in the this evening, tidying up the larger hole I cut in the jablite, to get the 18″ wide fish tanks in! Most of the fish and tanks were originally sited, when the insulation wasn’t in place.

I’ve also moved five bleeding heart tetras (the ones that ate my Galaxy Rasboras!) and the Female Blue Lobster (red claw crayfish – although no red claws this is a female!) into one of the 48x18x18 tanks, it’s not long until the young lobsters “hatch/develop”, I then want to move her back to her tank with her mate.

There is plenty of ocean rock, stones for the young lobsters to hide. One of the problems, is the young lobsters when they shed their shells within the first 24 hours, will start eating each other, if there are not plenty of hiding spaces.

I’ve also been drying out the cracked fish tank, I’m going to get a piece of 6/8mm glass cut to size, and try and patch it for a tenner! I can only try, what’s the worst that can happen, a bit more water on the floor!

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