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Do you have problems with your suckers?

One annoyance of keeping tropical I have is suckers!

Failing suckers…..!

Let me introduce you to the MagClip. Ideal stocking filler for !

Do your suckers keep failing after a few weeks/months. If you use heaters, sponge filters, airline, external filters pipes, spray bars in your tanks you’ll know what I mean. In the fish , I’m constantly replacing failed suckers on equipment, sometimes it can be dangerous, if a misplaced spraybar or external filter inlet pipe “jumps” out of the tank because the sucker has failed (oh, yes this has happened when my Eheim 2600 spray bay sucker failed, and sprayed water all over the fish at 1,500lph!).

I’ve found the solution, it’s called a MagClip, a very clever simple device, which uses a magnet to secure the plastic clip, inside and outside the . The MagClip comes with 6 assorted sizes of nylon clips to hold all types of accessories like canister filter outlet tubes, heaters, filter intake tubes, filter spray bars, airline tubing etc. The clip is coated in plastic, remove the nylon clip suitable for your accessory, attached to the internal clip, it’s threaded, and just screws in, position inside the , and use the external clip outside the to maintain it’s position. Simply. No suction cup to fail! They can be moved around afterwards I’ve found to get into a better position. These last a lifetime, using the industrial magnets, I’m using one on a 10mm glass tank, and have others holding spray bars, and 25mm external filter inlets, and others on my Algarde Bio-Foams. I’ll get some pictures.

These cost me 7.00 GBP pounds each, a bargain I think, I’ll never have to replace my suction cups again.

I got them from

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