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A New Garden Border continued … (again!)

Lindsey didn’t like the shape of the border! So out with the spade, fork and edging tool again.

New Border4
Ground has been marked out and cut with edging tool.

New Border5
Grass sods removed and bagged, to take down the local tip, the last time I did this in two car runs, I almost snapped the back axel on the car! Doesn’t seem alot of grass removed but each bag weighs approx 50kg! We will see if the car still works afterwards this week, and Lindsey wonders why the car, makes new noises, with 164,000 miles on the clock, and used as a tractor! I don’t think you can make out my the stainless steel edger (which is bent!) and new Stainless Steel fork, with a 10 year guarantee – nice! Well it’s nice to have, good tools!

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