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Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food by Ed!

I received my package of Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food today from Ed in Pennsylvania, USA.

I’ve been looking for an alternative product for the to bring fish into condition for for a long time. I’ve received

  • Super colour flake.
  • Freshwater flake.
  • Shrimp pellets.

Excerpt from Ed’s website

“Almost Natural Foods” are offered by a true-blue hobbyist for the other hobbyists out there in the world who would rather go the extra mile and feed their fish a top quality flake. This food is hobbyist to hobbyists driven. One hobbyist helping other hobbyists. After looking at the ingredients and then the prices, you will see that it is being sold at extremely reasonable prices to you, the hobbyist.”

Almostnaturaltropicalfishfood Sample
The contents of the package Super colour flake, Freshwater flake, Shrimp pellets.

Let me know if you are interested in placing an order from the UK, we can combine the order!

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