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Hector’s House

The classic 70’s children’s TV programme featuring Hector the dog, Zsazsa the cat and their neighbour Kiki the frog.

Well it could be, this is what we call a shed, but it’s a Wendy for children, it was described as a shed in the fixtures and fittings and left by the previous occupants. We or I find it handy to fit things in that don’t fit in the garage because the is in there!

It’s in a bad state of repair, and if I don’t attend to it quickly, I think it will rot to compost. I think I could have purchased another one for what the wood, roofing felt, and wood preserver has cost me from B and Q!

All the wood that has been painted in “seagrass” is new. The old wood was removed because it had rotted out.

covered-up for the evening, whilst I paint and seal the wood.

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