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Ammonia Alert by Seachem

This is an interesting “Ammonia Testing Kit”, it’s called the Ammonia Alert by Seachem. Designed to stay permanently in the water, and the centre indicator changes colour when ammonia levels rise. This is a similiar concept to the Carbon Monoxide detectors which change colour. Changes from yellow (safe) to blue (toxic). It’s designed to last at least 12 months. I purchased this device just under 10 GBP UK Pounds, which is about double what an ammonia testing kit will cost you. Expensive to add one of these to all my tanks! But handy in critical tanks, holding expensive pairs!

Ammonia Alert
I purchase this gadget on my travels, I have seen these advertised, as I was contacted by someone trying to sell me this device and I also believe there is a similiar device called the ph Alert.

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