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After several different quotations, I selected a local company to move us. They arrived shortly after 9.00am today in a 7.5 tonne luton van.

Three trips, and 3.30pm, most of our (Andy’s) stuff have been moved. Does that mean I’ve got 21 tonne of stuff! I’m very happy with them, the two van driver and porter, didn’t stop working, even when I bought them lunch, and Lindsey made them tea, and gave them KitKats! They earned there tenner tip each!

Removals 1

Removals 2

Removals 4

Removals 5

Removals 6

The is in chaos, but BT and my ISP Eclipse have successfully managed to get my telephone and Broadband transferred. I’m further from the telephone exchange, by another 1.5km, so I’m about 3.5km from the exchange, my ADSL Sync is lower than previous, but my throughout is higher! Weird!

Oh, if you know our telephone number it’s not changed! We’ve taken it with us!

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