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Andy goes scrumping!

ScrumpingThe act of stealing apples from a cider orchard. (The word comes from Scrumpy cider).

I’ve been eating plums from the plum tree in the , I noticed after this afternoons heavy down-pour, that apples and plums were falling off the trees this eve, so tested a few on the tree! Very Nice, I think they are Victoria Plums.

The ceilings downstairs in the lounge and dining rooms are now finished, the skirting boards and window sills are complete and we are now cleaning the as we move-in later this month.

I’ve been removing the carpet, underlay and carpet grippers on the landing and bathroom, carpet grippers are nasty and one bit me on the finger! Why there’s carpet in the bathroom, nasty!

I’ll take the camera, on my next visit and take some more pictures of the bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen, and must take some pictures of the consumer unit for my Sparky Friend!

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