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Standard Angelfish Adopt Fry

I’ve been trying without success for over twelve months to spawn and rear Silver Pearscale Angelfish fry. The parents are the results of selected . Unfortunately, the parents get “spooked” and eat the fry, at various stages, fertile egg stage, wrigglers, and free swimming. I’ve tried on several occasions to introduce the fry with other spawning Angelfish, only to find that the fry have been eaten by the parents I’ve introduced them to.

A few days ago a pair of Standard Silver Angelfish spawned, at the exact time, (these are excellent parents) the pair of Silver Pearscale Angelfish spawned, I waited for the fry to hatch, and at the wriggler stage, when I noticed the Standard Silver Angelfish were moving their fry to a new nest, introduced the Pearscale fry.

Success The fry (both standard and pearscale) are all now free swimming, and the new parents are looking after the whole brood. All the fry from the pearscale parents appear white/golden in colour, compared to the Silver’s fry, which appear grey/black.

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