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Corydoras Loxozonus

I purchased two unusual today, at Ryedale Society 7th Open Show and Auction at Pickering, North Yorkshire. I purchased two Corydoras Loxozonus, I’ve not seen this of Corydoras for sale before, a shame that there were only two, Corydoras look better in larger shoals.

I also purchased some in-expensive small catfish pellets, 2 GBP for 1kg, three 150 watt heaters and a Hagen 301 Powerhead for another Lifegard FB300 sand filter.

A good day out, and at least I came back with some fish!

There was also a pair (this was the claim of the seller!) of Synodontis eupterus that sold for 10 GBP, I’ve not heard of this Synodontis being bred in capativity, but since tiny Synodontis eupterus keep showing up, I assume someone somewhere is breeding them. Almost had a punt on these, but I’ve not got the space, to accomodate two 8″ Synos!

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