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PC Thermometer Trial

This was a project I started many months ago, but like many projects, I started it and didn’t completely finish it, due to time, and juggling life the universe and everything. You’ll notice on the side-bar on the right, a real-time update of temperature from the , measuring internal house temperature and external (outdoor) temperature. I still need to calibrate the temperature probes correctly.

The webcam breaking has given me the chance to re-install the , and correctly configure it with the excellent PC application created by Spiny aka Alan Norman at The application pctemp.exe runs on a standard PC using a midi or game (joystick) port. It’s an excellent application, and also logs to a *.csv file for import into a spreadsheet, also graphs the output to screen, and can upload the data to a webserver. It easily allows me to view the temperature of my , and later fish tanks anywhere in the world via the . I didn’t have a game port on my micro-pc I use in the , so I’m using a USB game port controller, isn’t just about everything available now in a USB connection. Full details of how to configure and connect, create your own temperature probes is on Spiny Norman’s website.

Many Thanks again to Spiny for his efforts in developing this application.

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