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PTFE Tape and Superglue

I’ve not posted for a few days, I’ve been away from home and the with my job at Storage Expo, Olympia, London and compounded by a cold/flu, not been too well, so apart from daily routines the fish, I’ve not been on top of all the projects for the . I don’t think it’s bird flu, although I was in Vietname earlier this year!

Eheim 2030 Pic 3

I’ve obtained an Eheim 2030, flow rate is 1200 l/h and uses an oil cooled Eheim 1030 external pump, this is an earlier version of the Eheim 2260, filter capacity is 18l, because the Eheim 2260 was based on this earlier model, it shares the same parts, this filter has a grey finish, unlike the 2260 which is green, and the latter uses a new external pump a 1060 or 1260.

It has a small leak on the inlet, so I’ve been using PTFE “plumbers” tape and superglue to seal the leak. I hope to have it installed shortly on another new tank.

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