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Time flys by when your the driver of a train…..

Another emergency again this evening, and it would happen when I’m pulling the late shifts in the office.

Arrived home at 7.15pm to find one of my display tanks in the very cloudy, checked the Eheim 2015 External Canister filter, and again it had stopped working, I’ve previously reported this failure a few weeks ago.

I checked the water quality, and the ammonia was higher than usual, this could be the filter has stopped working, or the addition of the vallis which has been slowly rotting.

I completed a 50% partial water change, with water at the correct temperarture and pH.

I’ve also brought in a “daddy” of a filter an Eheim 2317 external canister filter, this is a mature filter, that is used in the house, as a standby filter for emergency use.

I must now investigate why the 2015 is failing.

Collection of Eheim Filters

This picture shows an Eheim Classic 2015, 2313 and 2317, along with Hy-Flo Model C, UV Filter and Dennerle Profi 2000 System.

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