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Confessions of a fishkeeper!

I’m ashamed to admit it but many fishkeepers I know are a “dab hand” at using a glass cutter. Unfortunately, this is a skill I’ve never mastered successfully, I’ve always left it to the professional glaziers to cut the glass to size for me, and they make it look so easy. I’ve been told it helps to have a good quality glass cutter. I finally succumb today and purchase a new expensive glass cutter. I’ve got lots of glass and glass condensation covers that need cutting to size for a few tanks, that need new tight fitting covers.

And this evening for the first time, I’ve successfully managed to cut a piece of glass, in a straight line, without smashing it! Maybe it does help to have the correct tools.

Display fish tank in the “sun room” is stable, but need to check water flow rate of Eheim external filter.

Finally installed the permanent electrical supply for the new air compressor.

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