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Anyone for cucumber?

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awoke this morning by a loud knocking at the front door, it was the post person
wanting me to sign for a small package. My Five Pack of Screwcumbers had
arrived. Here’s a picture of five new sealed twin packs of Screwcumbers
available from

Gary Evans at Opti-Fish
I’m sorry to flog these to death, but they are
a fantastic invention and worth every penny. Every , , Gibbiceps,
lover should have one. With NO Hikari imports expected into the UK for
many months until the situation is resolved with the EU, NO algae wafers these
are a lifesavers in cucumbers and courgettes to my L Numbers, Gibbiceps,
and Ancistrus sp.

The yellow tug beneath the screwcumbers is filled with water soaking
the filter media I "found" the previous week..

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