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Bank Holiday Monday

The new arrivals are settling in well and on bloodworm and Tetra Prima, still not installed the Lifegard Fluidized bed filter because I cannot get the flow rate correct and the media (sand) keeps flowing out into the test bucket.

I’ve also been to the local centre this afternoon to purchase two replacement Tropical Centre 8 watt UV tubes for my UV filter to keep the algae down in the display tanks, my old Gibbiceps has become very lazy and doesn’t each my algae these days, just prawns and a little bit of cucumber. These tanks are located in a conservatory, and due to the excess heat and sunlight in the summer months causes too much algae growth, a garden pond UV filter connected in line with an Eheim 2015 external canister filter helps out. A stupid place to put tanks, they get too warm in the summer, and a little cold in the winter, but there’s no room anywhere else!

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