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Additions to the Fish House

I’ve collected some Adult Angel , Syndontis Angelicus, An Orange Gourami and a handful of Kribensis from a local breeder in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, they have decided to concentrate on . All the are sexually mature and will help the gene pool here at Angelfish . These have all gone into quarantine for four weeks, until, they are moved to other tanks. All quarantine tanks are now full in the , so no more fish purchases for a month, and I wanted to purchase a trio of . I’ll have to find some room, anybody got any space in the cupboard. Here are the fish as promised:-

Black Male Angelfish

Female Veiltail Angelfish

Koi Angelfish – sex unknown

Male Half Black Angelfish

Male Koi Angelfish

Male Koi Veiltail Angelfish

Male Silver Angelfish

Syndontis Angelicus – not an , but a cracking !

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